Before & After your Treatment


Be on time for the treatment, so that your face can are cleansed and anesthetized and you just have a quiet cup of tea or something drink water.


Report your medication use and fill in the consent forms completely and truthfully in. Are there any specifics regarding your health and do you think these are not on the form? Always report this before treatment.

Do not use alcohol and no alcohol 48 hours before your filler treatment blood thinners, including Ibuprofen, Asprine, Naproxen etcetera. Do not use vitamins 48 hours before your filler treatment, fish oil or other dietary supplements. All this for as much as possible avoid bruising.

Have you been given any medication to prevent bruising?
Then take it in time for the treatment.


If you have been given any medication to prevent swelling: put it on time as instructed.
No makeup for the first 24 hours after the treatment. No solarium, sauna, steam bath, swimming, intensive sports or
pressure on the skin in the first week after treatment.


No beauty treatment for two weeks. Avoid direct sunlight at all times and lubricate at all times, too when you work indoors behind a screen or under artificial light, at least three times a day on your face with a UVA / UVB SPF 50 or
higher. We also recommend that you always use such an SPF use.

After treatment with botulinum toxin (Azzalure): do not rub the treated areas and do not lie down or sleep for the first 2 hours. Go only exercise again the next day.

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