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Passionate about Beauty

Skinmiracle Clinic is the market leader and trendsetter in the field of full face in Europe harmonization and transformation. For those who want to look and feel more beautiful and better. In a natural way.


We carry out our advanced treatments with non-permanent means such as a.o. botulinum toxin (botox), hyaluronic acid fillers, chemical peels, lifting threads and PRP microneedling.

Looking good is not necessarily determined by symmetry or just beautiful eyes, lips or full cheekbones. It's about the total harmony of it face. Everything has to be right. In addition, your face must match who you love are inside. That's why we like to take the time to discuss what you see as you look in the mirror and what you would like. We want to understand where you stick to bothers.


We tell you honestly what the best approach is to arrive at it best result and what the costs of the treatment plan will be. We take ample time for your treatment and follow-up treatment.



Quality & Privacy

We only work with the best products from renowned
manufacturers. We have tested the various brands on ourselves, family and friends, before applying this to others. We got it right look at the results achieved and keep a constant eye on this.


Based on this, we have made a selection of brands that are the most beautiful give results and last the longest. During the consultation your specialist can tell you which product he will use for your treatment and why. It goes without saying that we work with sterile needles and cannulas of the best quality. Hygiene always comes first.


We monitor your before and after photos therapy. Pictures will of course never be without your explicit prior consent will be published. We refer further to the privacy statement on this site.